Valentine's Day Gift ideas...

Personally speaking – we don’t ‘do’ Valentines – we never have over the past 25 (or so) years, and we can’t see this changing over the next 25 (or so) years. However,  we reckon it’s each to their own and if you want to show your love on Valentine’s Day – go for it.  But perhaps think twice about the gift you’ll give – let us help you find something special, rather than some straight to landfill tat, that really shows you care and understand what will make your loved one happy.

So here’s our guide to non-tokenistic, non-transient gifts that will last for years (unlike flowers or chocolates) - that you could get for the Tinkerer and Fixer in your life.  For the partner that’s into making, growing or mending.  Presents that gain patina over time (as does any partnership), that will evoke memories and sentiment:

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