Milwaukee Fastback 6 in 1 Utility Knife
Milwaukee Fastback 6 in 1 Utility Knife
Milwaukee Fastback 6 in 1 Utility Knife
Milwaukee Fastback 6 in 1 Utility Knife

Milwaukee Fastback 6 in 1 Utility Knife

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There's always a utility knife in my tool kits.  They are massively useful for heavy duty cutting.  Think carpets and cardboard - or any job with a high risk of damaging the blade.  

However before seeing this model from Milwaukee I'd never really thought of one as a "multi-tool" in the same way as a Leatherman or Victorinox.  Or as a tool to carry in overalls or keep in vehicle.

Firstly this utility knife has a folding looking blade.  The blade swings out from the body of the knife easily once the button is pressed.  This means it can sit safely in your pocket but still be opened with one hand.

(Lets address something now - Milwaukee call this tool a "6 in 1" ...... for me it has two tools - the knife and the screwdriver.  Brands seem fixated on saying as many features as possible ... and most of them are quiet tenuous.  Leatherman are guilty of this as well.)

Back to the knife.  The blade is a standard utility "razor" blade style.  These are readily and cheaply available.  Replacing the blade is toolless and just requires holding the small tab on the blade holder.  I didn't notice it at first but there is also a space within the handle to store a spare blade.  Now I've found this my plan is to store a hooked safety blade in there for opening parcels.

The other feature on this knife that moves it into the multitool category for me is the fold out bit driver.  It's supplied with a double ended bit - PZ2 and slotted, but it will fit any standard 1/4 bit.  The driver locks into place and theres a thumb tab to release it.

I can see one of these tools in my pocket when we are setting up at shows, one in the draw in the kitchen and then likely one in the Land Rover as well.

Oh yes - its has a bottle opener as well...

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