Whiteley Scissors

My fascination with scissors is a relatively new rabbit hole that I've been diving down.  It's a tool that I've over looked in the past.  I think that's down to an over familiarity with them .... and an association with art classes at school.

We had multiple pairs knocking around the house and workshop and to be honest I can't remember actively buying any of them.  Some of them seemed to cut well ..... that was until I had the opportunity to use a "proper" pair of scissors.  My opinion of how these immensely useful tools should feel and work has been permanently altered.

Research into which manufacturer we should stock started and after conversations with everybody from a hairdresser to a pattern cutter we settled on Sheffield being the right source.  (next time you have your hair cut ask them how much the pair of scissors they are using cost them ...... you might be amazed.)

And that lead us to William Whiteley's & Sons, who have been designing and manufacturing beautifully hand-crafted industrial scissors in Sheffield for the past 258 years.

Have a watch of the video below and you'll see the appeal

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