The screwdriver has got to be one of, if not the most, regularly used tools in the toolbox. So - by that reckoning - you ideally want it to be the best tool you own. 

The screwdriver also probably best epitomises the 'buy once, buy well' approach that we advocate. You can accumulate a lot of different screwdrivers over a lifetime... and instead of buying cheap ones, ideally you buy one or two great ones from the start. 

Screwdrivers can fail you by not being comfortable to use, not being the right size for the DIY job in-hand, or by them breaking or the head being ruined over time (they absolutely weren't designed to open paint tins - that's why we designed our paint tin opener). 

Getting the right screwdriver - one that functions well, will last, and feels good in the hand - is a good challenge. Giving one, that ticks all these boxes, makes it an excellent gift idea for the DIY'er or Tinkerer and Fixer in your life.  

We've got six of the best screwdrivers to chose from; two from Elemen'tary, two from King Dick, and two smaller hex drivers. 

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