Sneeboer Stainless Steel Garden Tools

I've never thought of ourselves as "serious gardeners" but we do have a garden we enjoy working in and a plot that produces a lot of our summer vegetables.  We also have a relatively heavy clay soil.

What that all adds up to is that the garden tools we're using have been starting to break.  I'm not just talking wooden handles - those can be replaced relatively easily.  I'm referring to welds breaking on garden forks, shafts bending on trowels and a general disappointment with their performance.  I found myself using a Hori Hori for more jobs than its really designed for as its quality and design was just more pleasurable to use.  The garden tools we were using were all "branded" but just weren't up to the quality we were now expecting.

In the same way as my breaking of spanners led me to King Dick, the quest for quality garden tools kept leading me to Sneeboer in the Netherlands.  They've been hand forging stainless steel garden tools since 1913.  Now in the hands of the 4th generation of family members, they have managed to blend traditional manufacturing processes with a constant development of design and function.  All Sneeboer garden tools are hand made and individually quality checked before it leaves the factory.  Designed to last a lifetime - they seemed like the obvious choice for us to stock.

** Any Sneeboer product that is showing as available to buy on our website is physically in stock with us.  We do not work on a pre-order basis and Sneeboer orders that are placed with us will normally be dispatched next day.  With out of stock items we try and give you a delivery date on the product page.  At the moment this is a little difficult as Sneeboer are still working hard to catch up with orders. **

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