Otter Wax

Modern waterproof fabrics are great - well at least when they are new. And when they are clean.  Which is fine if you only use them when out walking in the mountains.  However the reality is that most of us only get to use them in those environments for a limited number of days a year.  The rest of the time our waterproof clothing is used for everyday living - walking the dogs or a rainy day in a city.  These tech fabrics aren’t that abrasion resistant and once they are dirty the Durable Water Repellent (the bit on the outside of the fabric that makes the water bead off) stops working.  The result is an expensive plastic bag with a rip in it.

If you are not partaking in some high intensity sport and your primary concern is staying dry then waxed cotton is an option.  First used several hundred years ago a cotton canvas material impregnated with a wax of some form will keep you dry as long as the fabric is in one piece - no matter how dirty or old it is.  Otter Wax is all about the development of those wax formulations using only natural ingredients in order to deliver the best performance in an easy to apply formulation.  This means you can take any cotton garment and by treating it with Otter Wax make it waterproof.  Although this process is relatively straight forward, you just rub the bar on the fabric, it’s not a quick job and does take some time and dedication to achieve the desired result.

What it does do is give you the ability to customise your clothing to suit your requirements.  Out in long wet grass a lot? - then take your cotton, or even denim, trousers and apply Otter Wax to below the knee.  It will change the appearance of the fabric, but you are gaining function.  Using a cotton jacket on a motorbike? - then apply the wax to the shoulders and front of the jacket leaving the back clear.  When riding a bike you take the bulk of the weather on your front, leaving the back to “breath” as much as possible.  You get the idea - stick the wax where you need things to be water proof.

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