When does an interest become an obsession? 

I've always just had a 'thing' for axes. I own a few different ones and, as the wood burner is our preferred source of heat during the winter, I spent a fair bit of time splitting logs and kindling. So axes are an important tool for me. 

Of course axes need to perform their job well. But that doesn't stop them looking great too. I've always liked the painted handle axes of traditional Canadian lumberjacks.  Used to identify their preferred axe at the beginning of the working day and easier to spot when left on the forest floor.  So I began painting our own axes, then hammers and hori-hori garden knives. 

But the ambition was always to create our own Tinker and Fix axe - which finally came to fruition in June 22. We reckon it could just be the first skatewood axe. If it is or it isn't, we love the way it came out. Each are one of a kind - so they make a great gift for people like me - what ever they choose to call themselves - axe obsessives, axe collectors, axe lovers - or as I'd call myself - just an axe user. 

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