I’ve always struggled with what to wear when working in the garage or even the bigger jobs around the house or garden.  I’ve lost count of how many pairs of “good” jeans I’ve ruined whilst doing a quick job in the garage that always tend to turn into something more.  The reality for most of us who work on our cars at home means crawling around on the garage floor (the dreams to one day have a post lift…)  That means whatever I’m wearing needs to be durable enough not to blow out the knees within a few months.  Then there’s the question of stray sparks from the angle grinder and the odd incident with a blow torch.  I don’t need things to be fire retardant but synthetic fibres are out of the question after an incident one winter when you think “what’s that burning smell?”  - oh it appears that my fleece now has a large hole surrounded by dripping plastic…..

That when I discovered Carhartt’s Bib Overalls.

Carhartt was founded as a workwear company in 1889 in Michigan, USA.  When you’ve been kitting out miners, mechanics and construction workers for 129 years you know how to build clothing that’s fit for the job and lasts.

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