We like wilderness - or we should say - we don't like overly 'precise' gardening.  Of course we can appreciate the neatly clipped box hedges in majestic gardens. And we wonder, in awe, at the the gardens who always look picture perfect in their pruning and harnessing of nature.  It's just not something we seek in our own garden.  

So the pruning and cutting tools in this section probably get the least use (from us) - but that's just an aesthetic thing. The Niwaki Topiary clippers and Niwaki garden shears are both outstanding at what they do and they sound divine when they make their precise snips.  The Opinel pruning saw is all you'd expect from this amazing penknife brand - they know how to make things cut exceptionally well - and it's great in the hand - brilliantly balanced. 

Of course, you also might partake in a bit of light pruning with some secateurs. If so - check out our secateur, snips and scissors page - which will help you choose the right tools to cut smaller branches etc. 

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