For Sewers

We reckon there are two types of sewers - those that need to sew something (buttons, hems and the dreaded scout or brownie badges), and those for whom sewing is their happy place. 

We definitely fit into the 'need to sew' camp in the Tinker and Fix house - but one of our best friends, Liz, is a champion sewer (she's so good she helped restore the queen's wedding dress). She's helped us build our sewing kits, tested our darning mushroom, and the Whiteley's fabric scissors and snips. She also recommended Merchant & Mills and is working her way through the books and patterns (you can check out our Chat to see her results). 

The sewing kits are designed to be the perfect gift for both type of sewer - the small sewing kit is all we'll (personally) ever need as a basic sewing kit and it's a perfect size to add in white and black thread (and green for the scout uniform!) Whilst the bigger one is better for the Liz's of this world. 

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