Gifts for petrol heads

We couldn't decide how to name this gift section; gifts for car fanatics, gifts for people who like to tinker and fix up cars or motorbikes, gifts for gear heads. We went with gifts for petrol heads because we like the idea of fuelling the passion for all things automotive. Although the idea of you tinkering with your Tesla worries me. We don't really care if you prefer Landy's or Lambos - although you can fix a Landrover with a hammer - so it's more our type of car. 

You don't often get a car as a gift. You can buy track days or parts that are missing or need replacing (surely I'm not the only one who's asked for a new gear knob or battery for my birthday?) Tools and kit make great gifts for petrol heads. Proper tools that'll last a lifetime - whatever car or motorbike they're working on...

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