Barebones Classic Hori Hori
Barebones Classic Hori Hori
Barebones Classic Hori Hori
Barebones Classic Hori Hori
Barebones Classic Hori Hori
Barebones Classic Hori Hori

Barebones Classic Hori Hori

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We are big fans of the Japanese garden trowel, the Hori Hori.  As a result we are always on the look at for different versions of this versatile garden tool.

This Hori Hori is from an American company called Barebones.  The design has been inspired by the traditional Japanese Hori Hori, but is different enough that we thought we'd give it a try.

The first thing you notice is the weight compared with the other Hori Hori's we stock.  It significantly heavier and that's down to two things - the blade material is thicker and its also a full tang construction (which means the blade material runs all the way through the wooden handle.). If you've got clay or stoney soil then this should be a big plus.  It weighs 350 grams, so still not really that heavy when in use.

It features one beveled edge and one serrated edge.  It also has a "hook" for cutting string.  Apparently this can also be used as a bottle opener ... not a feature I really see as a benefit on a garden tool, but hey its there!. The tip has been blunted, but still does a great job when digging.

The handle is made from Walnut and the blade itself has a weathered/patina finish.

The blade is made from heat tempered stainless steel.  

It has an overall length of 30cm

The reverse side has 2.5cm dept markers on the blade.

This Hori Hori is sold without a sheath, but it does come nicely packaged which means it makes a nice gift. 

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