Elemen'tary Screwdriver No.2

Elemen'tary Screwdriver No.2

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The screwdriver has got to be one of, if not the most, regularly used tools I have.

Elementary screwdrivers are things of beauty, which is great because you get to use them a lot!  The large Beech handle fits perfectly in your palm and gives you great control and pressure.  What I’ve found most useful are the changeable bits which means rather then needing to have multiple screwdrivers to hand - you can use the selection of bits.  Its also a simple case of replacing the bit heads if they start to get worn out.  

This is the smallest screwdriver they produce at 9cm long.  It features a smaller, almost golf ball sized, beech handle.  The shaft is simpler than the No.1 and the bits are held in magnetically. 

Perfect for jobs where access is limited or great to keep in a draw inside for small jobs around the house.

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