Fedeca It's My Knife

Last winter we got a bit obsessed with watching Forged in Fire as a family.  If you've not watched it you should - if you like the idea of four American blacksmiths making knives in a competition format.

Anyway, the idea of making my own knife has always appealed and although I've done a couple of blacksmith courses I'm a long way from making any usable blades.

These kits allow me to get one step closer.  Fedeca is a Japanese company that makes a few knife kits and the Folding Knife and Craft Knife kits really caught my eye.

Everything you need is supplied in the kit, along with assembly instructions.  The blade is pre-honed but the handle will need some shaping and sanding to get it fitting your hand.

At the end of the build you'll have a very useful and very personal Japanese steel knife.

In the words of Doug Marcaida (of Forged in Fire fame) "this knife will cut."

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