We used to say that we don't stock an extensive range of gardening kit.... but during lockdown that kind of changed.  We found ourselves working in the garden more - we were busy with work - but without the ability to travel and do other things the garden became even more of a priority.  With that came using more tools and finding their shortcoming and then finding new brands.

Just at the start of lockdown we'd ordered some tools from the Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer to test out.  We were almost immediate converts to high quality, hand forged stainless steel tools.  If you are looking for a gift for a keen gardener you won't go wrong with anything from this brand.

Pre Covid we had discovered Niwaki when looking for some replacement secateurs.   We are now converted – they are all you will ever need and make the perfect gift for a gardening friend. Of course we wear Carhartt’s whilst in the garden, because they make sense (although the Apron works best in the greenhouse because the overalls can be a tad warm).

And whilst we recognise not everyone will be as obsessed with brushes as we are, the Redecker ones really are the ‘German engineering’ of cleaning things up – that goes for everything in the garden too.

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