If you’re looking for an extensive range of gardening kit, you may want to look elsewhere. Our personal tools are mainly hand me-down’s from Norman (the gardening grandad) – so we’ve had little need to road test or find new ones. But the one thing that we didn’t have, that we needed and wanted because we just couldn’t find any that worked well and scratched our itch for lifelong tools, were garden secateurs. Our search led us to Niwaki and we are now converted – they are all you will ever need and make the perfect gift for a gardening friend. Of course we wear Carhartt’s whilst in the garden, because they make sense (although the Apron works best in the greenhouse because the overalls can be a tad warm).

And whilst we recognise not everyone will be as obsessed with brushes as we are, the Redecker ones really are the ‘German engineering’ of cleaning things up – that goes for everything in the garden too.

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