Niwaki Loppers
Niwaki Loppers

Niwaki Loppers

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These Niwaki Loppers are an excellent garden tool, that would make a very welcome addition to a gardeners toolkit. 

We use a lopper much like a big pair of secateurs.  Usually for repeated cuts when pruning back rambling roses or for shaping decorative trees. The lopper's long handles lend themselves to higher or harder to reach areas.

Technically they will cut branches up to 25mm but I feel that's pushing these loppers to their maximum, and would switch to using a pruning saw for anything that size.  I work with the "little finger" size guide in the same way as I would with a pair of secateurs.  Our loppers are most often used when cutting branches up to fit into the green bin, or for the trip to the tip.

Niwaki Loppers key details: 

  • The 8cm blade length of these Niwaki Loppers are traditionally forged from SK steel in Japan.
  • The handles are made from an oversized White Oak and will flex slightly in use to aid the cutting action.
  • Overall length of 60cm and weigh 1.2Kg.
  • Supplied with a basic plastic blade cover as standard, but can be upgraded to our custom leather sheath which allows them to be hung in storage.  You can add the sheath here.