Watson Gloves - Karma Women's Gardening Glove

Watson Gloves - Karma Women's Gardening Glove

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This is the women's version of Watsons Hero Gardening Glove.  

What makes it a women's version?  The sizing is slightly different with the fingers being slightly longer in ratio to the palm.  Oh, and its only available in purple .... yes we know that's a bit bollocks but they are still a great glove.

They're a seamless knit design which means they are a really close fit and the cuff doesn't slip down.  The palm is a foam nitrile in a diamond pattern.  The grip levels are good in the wet and the palm stays completely flexible.

What really attracted us to these specific gloves is the fact they are made out of a yarn called Waste Not.  Waste Not is a recycled polyester yarn made from recycle PET bottles.  Bottled water and the like.  Each glove contains the equivalent of a 500ml PET bottle.  That just makes a lot of sense to us.

For sizing information we recommend you download the Watson size template here. When printed out this allows you to physically work out your correct size.