Watson Gloves - Game of Thorns Gardening Gauntlet

Watson Gloves - Game of Thorns Gardening Gauntlet

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Did we order this glove to trial partly because of the product name?  

Yes, yes we did.

But then when I started using it I soon found it really useful.  It's certainly not an everyday gardening glove, but if you are working around roses or clearing brambles they are absolutely great.

It's a one-size product and I would say it "fits" a Large hand spot on.  If you are smaller than that it will be loose, but it's designed to be worn as protection rather than a close fitting glove.

Hard-wearing microfibre palm
Padded palm patch
Spandex back
Reinforced hooded fingertips
Knuckle bar and thumb saddle
Microfibre laminated PVC gauntlet style cuff

The gauntlet is rigid so stays protecting your forearms.