New Gardener's Tool Kit
New Gardener's Tool Kit

New Gardener's Tool Kit

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When you are new to gardening it's often difficult to know where to start with tools ... let alone the gardening itself.

For us it's about taking it slowly and buying good quality tool that will last a lifetime when you need them.  Saying that there are some basics that you need to get started and we've put together this kit for those.

It starts with a Japanese pressed steel tool box.  Perfect for storing your small tools in, or if you have a shed it can be used for storing seeds.

Then tool wise the kit contains:

There are a few options you need to let us know about when ordering this kit.  Once you've placed your order just drop us an email  to with the following info;

  • tool box colour - from any available in stock from here
  • string colour - from any available in stock from here
  • glove size - from any available in stock from here for womens or here for mens


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