Picking the perfect present for the Tinkerer and Fixer in your life can be tricky. We are huge fans of helping you to get the right gift into the right hands.  There are birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas to buy for.  We know there are different types of Tinkerers and Fixers - those who like to make, mend or grow. Those who like to spend time in their garage, workshop, garden, home or allotment. 

We love helping you get the right present sorted for the DIY'er or gardener in your life - we can do this at the shows we go to, you can read one of our many gift guides for inspiration, or you can get in touch and we can chat you though some fantastic present options that are personalised. 

If you did want to discuss the right gift, just drop us an email at and we'll either help you via email or arrange a time to chat. 

Click on the 'gift' section to find our collections for DIY'ers, Growers, Petrol Heads.  Or here are a few of the kits we've created to get you started...

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