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At the time of writing, we’ve been married 19 years. 

Full disclosure, we’re not the anniversary gift buying type of couple.  During all of our years of wedding anniversaries, we’ve bought each other the sum total of zero anniversary gifts. In theory we could have stacked up years’ worth of presents, each ticking the box of the ‘traditional gifts given for anniversaries’.  We both rejected this notion, because it didn’t fit our way of giving gifts to each other – searching out something that we thought the other would love to be given.  It constrained us to a theme to which neither of us wanted to conform. 

In hindsight, this was perhaps a little stupid. Especially when we recently sold one of our Otter Wax Leather Care Kits to someone who thought they’d hit the jackpot in finding a perfect gift for their third wedding anniversary (it’s ‘leather’ – who knows why, but it is). So, it got me thinking, of what gift I could have given Edd, retrospectively, and what might work for the anniversaries ahead.

Ps I know the only gift he really wants, that relates to our marriage, is that of having the Landrover back that we owned at the time and was the car we drove to get wed. It was a cracking V8, and it’s a sad state of affairs that I know that it’s really the Landy that makes his eyes linger on our wedding photos….

1st wedding anniversary – Paper – definitely some Whiteleys paper scissors – they’ll last for life and are entirely dependable.

2nd wedding anniversary – Cotton – the Frank Tool Roll – made of waxed cotton – again, it’ll last for life and get better with age and use.

3rd wedding anniversary – Leather – Otter Wax Leather Care Kit – less obvious than buying a belt, bag or wallet, it’s focused on caring for leather.

4th wedding anniversary – Fruit or Flowers – they are transient gifts – the Niwaki secateurs and flower scissors will last far longer, as will the Deejo penknife make a great fruit knife

5th wedding anniversary – Wood – anything wooden handled – such as Opinel knives, the Elementary screwdriver or one of our wooden painted handles would work well.

10th wedding anniversary is Tin or Aluminium, whilst the 11th is Steel – we prefer steel – so we’d go for Japanese pressed steel toolboxes for either, or both, years!

25th wedding anniversary is Silver and we don’t stock anything of that particular metal – so we’d suggest anything shiny silver in colour – of which the Leatherman fits the bill perfectly!

50th wedding anniversary is Gold – genuinely the best gift that has ever been invented for this must Niwaki’s golden spade….who wouldn’t want one of these? Surely by then you’ve got everything you could ever need, but a golden spade would go down a treat?!

If in doubt about what gift would work best – email me (Lou) and I’ll try and help: hello@tinkerand 

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