The Tool Kit No. 1
The Tool Kit No. 1

The Tool Kit No. 1

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Every Maker or Mender gets to a point where they only use quality tools.  It makes whatever the job more pleasurable and in many cases doable.

We've put together what we believe to be a good starting point for a tool kit that will last a lifetime.  Perfect for somebody just getting into fixing stuff or perhaps as a house warming present for a first time owner.

The tool kit starts out with Toyo's Tool Box. Made in Japan from pressed steel.  Simple, functional and built to last.

The tools included are;

  • 16oz Ball pein or Claw Hammer made by Carters in Yorkshire and custom painted by Tinker and Fix
  • 10, 13 & 17mm Combination spanners made by King Dick Tools in Birmingham.
  • Wooden handled flat head screwdriver made by King Dick Tools
  • Wooden handled PH2 cross head screwdriver made by King Dick Tool.

If you'd like to switch the Toyo Tool Box to one of the other colours we stock or you'd like a different Hammer design just get in touch.  That's not an issue at all.