Opinel No 8 Knife & Pouch Gift Set

Opinel No 8 Knife & Pouch Gift Set

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My parents bought me my first pen knife when I was around 6 years old.  Probably too young if I'm honest as I learn't knife handling skills the hard way and via two cut palms.  Cleaning mud off a blade with your hands isn't recommended.  Since then I've always had a pen knife in the car, around the house or in the garage.  When you are a tinkerer you appreciate the simplicity of a good pen knife.

I first noticed Opinel on a camping trip in France - when every Frenchmen seemed to be using one to cut his bread and cheese at various picnic spots.  Louise bought me a Walnut handled No 6 on that trip and its grown to be one of my favourite knives (and I've got quite a few..)

Opinel are still made in the Savoie region of France and have been making them there since 1890.  Originally sold as a working persons knife, the design and manufacturing process has changed little over the years.

Their marketing material describes them as - simple, robust and functional.  Enough said and no wonder they appeal to me!

This gift set includes their No 8 Stainless knife and a synthetic leather sheath.

The blade is 8.5 cm and the handle is made from varnished beech.

A really nice gift for anybody.

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