Wish List

Wish List from Tinker and Fix for gifts for makers, menders, gardeners, DIY

All I want for my birthday or Christmas is .....

We've been thinking about how we could work a personal Wish List.  Some way of you being able to communicate to your friends and family the items from our website that you would like to receive as a gift.

We looked into the Apps that could integrate into the website, but they all required you to setup another account.  If you are anything like us you'll hate having to set up yet another account .... and never remember the password you set.

So we are going to try something a little more old school with our Wish List.

Here's how its going to work:

1.  Have a trawl through the website and decide on what goes on your Wish List.

2.  Send that list to hello@tinkerandfix.co.uk.  An email is fine, but a photo of a hand written list works as well.

3.  We'll issue you with a Wish List number and keep it safe in a big folder.  You'll get an email from us that will include your Wish List Ticket.  This will have all the information you need to pass on to friends and family to let them know you have a wish list with us.  It will look something like this (and the wording will be edited depending on if it's for Christmas, your birthday, for your New Home, Wedding - or just generally things you'd like as a gift!);

4.  When your Friends and Family want to make a purchase for you they just need to drop us an email and we'll share your up to date wish list with them.  If they make a purchase we'll knock that item of your list.

That's it ... we think.  If you have any questions just let us know.