Gifts for younger Tinkerers and Fixers

We don't sell tools for kids, but we do like the idea of encouraging the next generation to Tinker and Fix.  

We bought our son his first sheath knife for his naming day, it's still sat waiting for him to use (or appreciate and not lose) when he's a bit older (he's 15 now). His second knife was the Opinel safety knife (No.7) when he was circa 6ish.  If he looked up from his computer, we'd encourage him to (safely) use any knives and tools around the workshop or garage.  For out and about the Leatherman Bond is a good option as it's still brilliantly useful, but not too bulky with excess tools that he wouldn't need. 

So here are some suggestions for tools and kit that might be good for younger Tinkerers and Fixers...

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