Watson Gloves - Flextime Leather Workshop Glove

Watson Gloves - Flextime Leather Workshop Glove

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Workshop gloves can be difficult.  

For anything oily I tend to opt for a disposable nitrile glove.  They're great at protecting your skin from fluids, but don't last that long and offer no protection for heavier duty jobs.

I had started using old worn out mountain bike gloves as I found these offered about the right level of protection whilst still being thin enough to "feel" through.

These Flextime gloves from Watson blend the leather palm and knuckle protection from a traditional leather glove, with the flexible material outer from a MX/MTB glove.

These are now my go to favourite for the workshop and heavier jobs in the garden.

For sizing information we recommend you download the Watson size guide.  When printed out this allows you to physically work out your correct size.