Opinel No 12 Pruning Saw

Opinel No 12 Pruning Saw

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Some branches are just too big for secateurs or lopers when pruning.  That's when a pruning saw is useful to achieve a clean cut.

Opinel have opted to go with the Japanese style of pull saw - making it easier to use in tight spaces and when reaching up into a tree or bush.

12 cm blade length.  Made from carbon steel with an anti-corrosion coating to help keep it rust free.  Varnish beech handle.

Read the Tinker and Fix chat to find out more about this Opinel Pruning Saw
We sell three different types of pruning saw. If you're not sure which pruning saw to go for - this one, the Niwaki folding pruning saw, or the Niwaki pruning saw - read our chat which compares them all. 


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