There’s an increasingly disposable nature to most of the things that we now own. Whilst the tide is hopefully beginning to turn on our ‘throw away’ culture, to make this truly possible we need the tools (and the ability) to not only mend things (from cars to homes and everything in between), but to maintain them too (to stop them from breaking in the first place). It’s no longer a question of just ‘making do and mending’ – we reckon you should enjoy the process of looking after the things you have.  Call it mindfulness if you will, we just call it ‘tinkering’.  Of course you’ll need the right kit to mend things – but working with quality tools is part of the enjoyment.  They are an investment in the future of all of your ‘stuff’, but also in themselves – you’ll pass them on, as well as – hopefully - the culture of mending.
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