Your £40 Christmas Fix

One of our best Christmas moments last year was at Spitalfields market in London. We were happily chatting to people and selling stuff, when a woman stopped, stared at our stall and brought out a list of names. She challenged us to find a gift for everyone on it. We didn’t manage it, but reckon we didn’t fair too badly – sorting an impressive six gifts in one go. She was delighted – and not just because she’d finish her Christmas shopping early. Because she was able to chat through each and every family member on her list and we could help identify what was the best thing that might make them smile. That’s what events, markets, fairs and shops are all about. We try and replicate that online – and are always happy to have a chat on the phone, by email or through the wonders of Whatsapp video or Facetime.

One thing we did learn from our Spitalfields present sweeper – was that the ‘perfect’ amount she wanted to spend was £40 per person. Perhaps it was just her, but it does sort of fit a sweet spot. So here’s some of the gifts that you can buy from Tinker and Fix that fit the Bill…. Or perhaps the Sarah in your life (lol – Edd will hate that gag) for around £40…

  • Fedecca build your own craft knife kit - a great kit for someone who loves knives and won't be getting a forge anytime soon to make their own. 
  • Wera Allen Keys - everyone has Allen Keys, but not everyone has good ones - these are, frankly, cool to look at and a pleasure to use. 
  • The Frank Toolroll - made in England by us - from a design passed down through the family. 
  • Ligoo head torch - multi use, rechargeable, great for tight spots and a focused beam. Comes in a great box to store it all in. 
  • Niwaki Sentei Secateurs - outstanding Japanese quality that will be appreciated for year. 
  • Opinel No. 8 Black Penknife Gift Set - everything Opinel does well (knife quality) in a special edition box set (to commemorate their 130th anniversary). 
  • Whiteley's DIY Scissors - made in England, made to last, a great workshop essential for someone who may already have a full toolbox. 
  • Trusco tool boxes - beautifully made in Japan - in a variety of colours, perfect for the garage, workshop or home. 
  • The Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool - everyone needs a Leatherman multi tool in their life - this one's to attach to your keys and have on hand. 

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