Time out for Tinker and Fix (1st-16th August)

Tinker and Fix - garden and DIY tools from Sneeboer, Niwaki, leatherman, Otter wax, carhartt and Opinel

So…we’re not shipping any orders for the first two weeks of August..sorry!

Any orders that come in after 9am Saturday 30th July until Tuesday 16th August will all be sent out from Wednesday 17th August.

One of the major drawbacks of being a husband and wife team running a small business is working out how to take holidays.  Because we do actually like to spend time together, as well as working together virtually 24/7 too! 

For the last few years what with Covid and an ageing dog, we’ve found work arounds. Which has meant cut-short holidays, one of us staying at home, or Edd doing an impressively long round trip back home mid-holiday in order to catch up with work and send orders out.  

Yes, we could get someone in to ‘hold the fort’ but what we stock, sell and send out at Tinker and Fix isn’t that easy to just ‘pass over’. We often get it wrong ourselves (and when I say ‘we’, I obviously mean ‘me’) – I have been (occasionally) known to send the wrong Opinel penknife (size or wood) or the wrong size or type of King Dick Spanners.  And whilst Edd is a master of packing very strange size parcels and sending them by various delivery services – it’s a little much to ask someone to step in and work out how best to send out great combos such as a trusco toolbox, a Sneeboer Spade and a bottle of linseed oil! Guaranteed, however much we train them up in advance, they’d be given a brilliant order to send out that involves picking out the right one of our many unique painted or skatewood tools, along with one of our more obscure redecker brushes (wire brush size 2) along with a darning mushroom, a pair of Niwaki secateurs and a sewing pattern from Merchant and Mills.  Oh and can it please be wrapped, a gift message included and delivered by tomorrow! All of which is lovingly done by us normally – but a bit much to pass over for two weeks.

We are also always on-hand to answer questions (which King Dick spanner set should I give - Whitworth, Imperial or Metric), what’s the best hori-hori garden knife, how do the Carhartt overalls fit, or can you make up a gift box for a gardener who has everything – what do you suggest. We LOVE helping people out – and we’d hate for anyone to get less that the best advice.

So – we’re shutting for two weeks. If you want to order, please do still go ahead (and thank your for supporting small business at this time – it makes a huge difference!) and we’ll send it out from Wednesday 17th. If you just can’t wait that long… sorry… but do think of us next time.

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