Think long term - start gifting stackable toolboxes now...

Stackable Toyo toolboxes from Japan make great gifts over generations
Here's a gift idea that will stack up over the years... the Toyo T190 component toolboxes. They are great for storing small bits and pieces - perfect for makers and menders - for in the workshop or garage. But they are (compared to the other toolboxes from Toyo) more expensive. They vary in price according to the colour your want, but many people might end up going for larger Toyo toolboxes (barn top and flat tops - as we call them!) - which are great, but they are totally different things (and often useful instead of, or in addition too!) 

So - here's the idea - buy the Toyo T190 component tool boxes a gift - becuase that's exactly what a perfect gift is - something that people want - but don't buy, or treat themselves to.  And each year - for their birthday, Christmas, or other celebrations, you can buy an additional one. Which means their collection will grow over the years and their 'stack' will get larger. They'll still be around many, many years to come - as they are such great quality, they'll become handed down, or 'found' in grandad or grandma's garage - and what a nice thing this will be for the next generation!

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