Sneeboer Asparagus knife... knowingly mocking my own incompetence...

Sneeboer asparagus knife in stock in the UK at Tinker and Fix

Many moons ago, I shared an allotment with my best friend. We both had young children and not enough space to grow our own at home. So we lucked out and secured an allotment for us to share. 

One of the first things we planted was Asparagus. We knew we wanted to grow it, and for the first time we had the luxury of space to set aside for it.  We waited. The other crops flourished and failed in equal measure depending on how good we were at watering (we had to take our own... small problem when we had small children to manoeuvre at the same time). We waited some more and were rewarded by a faint wisp. We weren't greedy. We didn't harvest too soon. But to little avail. For whatever reason (soil, conditions, or more likely my incompetence) we didn't add asparagus to our annual harvest. 

We both moved house and found ourselves lucky enough to have space for our own veg patches. But neither of us have set aside the space for asparagus. Once bitten, twice shy? But the idea lives on. Perhaps I will bite the bullet and replant. Until then, and perhaps to motivate me, we've stocked the Sneeboer Asparagus knife. For those gardeners who are lucky enough to have the space, the conditions, the temperament and talent to grow it for themselves, this is the ultimate tool for cutting it. Becuase after ALL that effort, you don't want your tool to let you down at the end... and with Sneeboer in hand, that's never going to happen. 


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