Locked down for Mother's Day - we can help...

Gift ideas for mums who like to make, mend and garden

Time is a blur, the rules and regulations have moved and changed so much over the last year that it’s difficult to remember exactly what was happening last Mother’s Day.  I just googled it and Mum’s Day fell just after full lockdown, but the instructions were very clear beforehand – it was stay at home and don’t meet mum as you may put her at risk.  Now it’s much clearer, we’re still in lockdown, so Mothering Sunday is going to (again) be different.  For us that means not cooking mum a lunch or meeting up. But I know that we are very lucky to still be able to arrange some form of virtual meeting.  Now we only have the herculean task of coming up with something ‘fun’ to do that we haven’t already done, and that – importantly - requires only a basic knowledge of computing skills (how – after a year - are we still having to ring my parents up on the landline to prepare them for an online call, I just don’t know!)

The one thing that shouldn’t be painful – that shouldn’t include shouting at a computer, high frustration levels, or the painful gritting of teeth – is buying a great gift for mum for mother’s day.

Ideas for Mothers Day - Aprons from Ridson & Ridson

So here are our three very easy ways to choose the perfect gift for your mother.

Step one: have a look through the website. For ease you can check out some of our Mother’s Day gift ideas here. Or just pick the tab that best describes your mum: maker, mender, grower and you should be able to find something she will like.

Step two: have a look at our Instagram feed – I’ve done a quick video that pick out some mum’s day gifts (the ones I’d like – as a gardening mum) to receive, as well as gifts for mums for make and mend too.

Idea for gifts for mums for mothers day

Step three: if you’re really not sure – drop us a message (email, via Instagram or facebook) – we’re here and happy to help – we can ring you back or chat via email to help you choose the right present that she’ll love.

That’s it. Done. Sorted. And – of course – if you want us to send it directly on to your mum we’d be happy to – just let us know - drop us a message. We can wrap it up nicely if you want (I’ll do it – I always wanted to be an elf in department store wrapping presents at Christmas!). We can write a card for you.

Now all you have to do is find that perfect quiz or online activity for that zoom meet up…. If you know of anything good, do let us know!

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