Everyone seems to be seeing (valentines) red…

Valentines gift ideas from Tinker and Fix - presents for gardeners, DIY, makers, menders, car fans and petrol heads

It’s the time of the year when people begin to see red. But not because of anger. Because of a short fat cherub who supposedly fires arrows of love. Yep, it’s that time of the year when declarations of admiration are made through the buying of gifts that are usually red in colour. If you’re really lucky in love, those gifts won’t be tacky or vomit inducing. And something that you actually want to receive. Rather than a present that will soon present itself ‘straight to landfill’.  

We reckon red is a good colour for gifts all year (like a dog isn’t just for lockdown). That the ‘colour of love’ also happens to be a good colour for toolboxes and tools. Something to do with it being so bright that they nicely stand out in the (important) clutter that can naturally accumulate in the garage or workshop. So, if you’re wedded to the idea of buying something red as a valentines gift, here’s our quick (and short) guide to what’s red on the Tinker and Fix website:

  • What says ‘light my fire’ more than a petrol can? One in bright shiny red.
  • Niwaki snips – your loved one will love their red handles as they stop them from getting lost in the garden (unlike their cousin, the Sentei Secateurs which I repeatedly lose)
  • The red Deejo penknife is a cracking gift. It’s small, light and beautifully made. No-one needs one, they just want to own one – which is why it’s a great little valentines gift for under £20.
  • A red Japanese toolbox – it’s as classic as a red rose for valentines, surely. What’s not to like? And it’ll last for years, unlike flowers or chocolates. Red ones are coming in stock imminently – email us if you want one reserving.


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