A little look back at some of the things we’ve learnt...

2021 Tinker and Fix

You’re supposed to be reflective around New Year – thinking about what you’d do different, how you’ll be better and what you’ve learnt. We aren’t ones for navel-gazing and we can’t abide New Year’s resolutions. If something needs fixing or changing we reckon there are 365 days that could you start this, rather than putting all your eggs into the January 1st basket.

But given just how much Tinker and Fix has progressed over 2020, we reckon it’s worth having a little look back at some of the things we’ve learnt... 


  • The biggest debate we have ever had regarding a product was actually for our Paint Tin Opener – made by the amazing Oscar Duck. Edd wanted it to be a full-blown celebration of blacksmithing talent. I thought it was a bit fancy. Some serious thought went in to how to get us to both love it. Just incremental tweaks that Oscar could make – but they took hours to agree – it took the shape of a full-scale negotiation. Reflecting back on it, perhaps there was a touch of lockdown myopia setting in.
  • We no longer sell snow brushes – not because they aren’t excellent, not because they didn’t sell well, but because Edd cannot bear packaging them up to send out. And apparently, that’s it; he’s not wrapping another one. So well done to those of you who ordered one before his patience ran out. (Grrrr… scratch this – Edd has just read this post and told me he has actually just ordered some more – he obviously just needed some time away from them. He obviously wasn't 'quite' ready to tell me he'd conceded to my whittling for him to order more. Unfortunately I now need to come good on my promise to pack them all from now on….)
  • Who would have known that a packet of Haribos would be the reason why so many people get in touch with us?   Interestingly though, on the rare occasion of someone returning something, they’ll often send the Haribos back too. Look, we really don’t mind – you ordered, it didn’t fit - enjoy the Haribos and try us again next time. 
  • That it’s really, really difficult to find a way of (legally) posting out fire extinguishers. Who knew?! We’ve found some cracking ones that we were keen to sell – but they may have to wait for the return of events. 
  • There are different signals for ‘start filming’. Edd has a ‘listen for the beep and just start’ method, whilst I go for an ‘unclear’ hand wave. It’s good to always start each video with a little argument each time – it gets the ball rolling nicely.
  • That we each have our role to play in delivery drops. Edd gets on much better with our amazing local Post Office than I do (probably due to his ability to undergo a large drop like it's military precision), whilst I'm good with the endless delivery drivers who get grumpy having to back down our lane (brownies make a good 'thank you' bribe). 

Here's to another year of learning what makes Tinker and Fix tick. 

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