Watson’s gloves are winners….

Winning Gardening Gloves - IndyBest best buy - Watsons gloves from Tinker and Fix

Literally – they’ve won the accolade of ‘best gardening glove’ by the Independent!  The ‘Indybest’ feature on 10 best gardening gloves sees an independent gardening expert properly putting gloves through their paces. And our Flextime Workshop Glove came out top!

Now we know they’re good, having tested them ourselves, but it’s brilliant to hear others say it too! They are described as being “an absolute dream” for gardening. You should check out the full Indybest review of all the gloves (click here) or you can read what they wrote about the winning Watson pair below. 

The ones we have in stock are mens (size/fit) – but we’ll soon be getting the women’s version in too. If you can’t wait that long, but you want the same Watson quality, we have the ‘perfect 10’ that fits well.


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