Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hand Hoe with Cherry Handle
Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hand Hoe with Cherry Handle

Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hand Hoe with Cherry Handle

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I've always been an advocate of hoes.  Louise wasn't so sure - especially with the design of this one.

We don't stock products that we haven't tested out for ourselves.  I'm pleased to report that she's been converted by this tool.

The first thing we noticed was how light (170 grams) and easy it was to use - on both the push and pull stroke.  It's also really easy to use it to precision weed (if that's a thing?) - around the base of plants and in between rows on the veg patch.

Hand forged by Sneeboer in the Netherlands, who have been making and developing garden tools since 1913.  Now in the hands of 4th generation family members, Sneeboer use stainless steel to craft the ultimate tools for gardeners.  Their tools are the anthesis of the cheap trow away culture.  Built to last a lifetime and to be maintain in order to continue to perform like new.

As this item is hand forged please expect to see some hammer marks and black coke marks on the surface.  These add to the unique character of each tool and do not affect the durability or quality of the tool in anyway.

The handle is made from Cherry and replacements are available if ever needed.

Overall length of 31 cm and 6 cm wide. Made from stainless steel.

Why invest in Sneeboer garden tools?

 Why invest in Sneeboer garden tools?

Quite simply, they are high quality hand forged gardening tools that'll last a lifetime.

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