Carhartt Duck Tool Belt (Black)

Carhartt Duck Tool Belt (Black)

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I used to dismiss the idea of a tool belt .... until I had one.

They make a lot of sense for jobs around the house or garden - when you are away from your shed or garage.

Load up with the tools you might need and save yourself the endless trips back and forth to the tool box.


  • these are sized with the American workwear market in mind so;
    • S/M - from a 28" waist up to a 34/36"
    • L/XL - from 34" up to around a 44" waist
  • I'm around a 35" waist - sometimes I can wear 34" jeans, sometimes a 36".  I wear a 36" in the Carhartt Bib Overalls.  I can wear both sizes of the tool belt - the S/M at its maximum length and the L/XL at its smallest.  I've chosen to go with the S/M as I personally prefer not to have the access strap on the L/XL