Opinel No 7 Round Ended Safety Knife
Opinel No 7 Round Ended Safety Knife

Opinel No 7 Round Ended Safety Knife

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A lot of people worry about using pen knives and I think a lot of that comes down to the sharp point.  Being honest for a lot of jobs around the home and garage that point isn't really critical and that's were this round ended knife from Opinel is great.

It's also great as a childs first pen knife, when they are getting used to handling knives.  We bought one of these for our son when he was about six and its whittled down many a good stick in the years he's had it.  Unfortunately I chose the one with a bright orange handle and roaring Lion logo .... great for a six year old ... less so now he's 15!  (but I've got a plan for that...)

8cm blade and a beech handle

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