Our gift guide for Menders!

Gift guide for menders - DIY , restorers, from Tinker and Fix

Given we focus on Makers, Menders and Growers, our gift guides for Christmas this year are firmly focused on these groups – helping you to find great presents for people who like to make, mend and grow.

Having already done Makers and Growers… here’s our gift guide for Menders! And of course, if you haven’t already, go check out Edd’s video on Instagram – he is always far more interesting to watch….

First things first - there’s always a bit of overlap between what we suggest as being great presents for makers and growers with menders – because the things do ‘blur’ sometimes. If you make things, you very often mend them (not saying you didn’t make them well enough – that may just be Edd). And secondly, growers need to mend, or look after and restore their tools.  

But there is also a very clear group of people who just love DIY; who likes to fix things up or restore them. So, here are some ‘general’ ideas that would work for menders, tool ideas to  give as presents for people who like to DIY:

  • Elementary – of course they have multiple screwdrivers. But the Elementary Screwdriver No. 2 is the perfect addition to a DIY’ers toolbox. Quite simple, if Carlsberg made screwdrivers…it’s one of our best-selling gifts.
  • Painted hammer– again - of course they have a hammer, but not one personalised to your colour choice.
  • Leatherman – and again – any DIY’er or practical person is highly likely to have a Leatherman. Often more than one (it’s a disease Edd has, that and penknife-itus). But the Leatherman Bond is their new UK Legal carry – meaning you can have it out and about with you. So that’s as good a reason to buy it as a gift.
  • Not a ‘tool’ as such – but Fixits are for mending things that are broken, when perhaps other tools don’t work. They are reusable and eco friendly too - so make a nice stocking filler gift idea.

And a couple of present ideas that aren’t tools, but would be loved and used by menders or DIY’ers

  1. Some storage solutions – because they have oodles of tools to keep close to hand or organise. You can chose between a Japanese pressed steel toolbox or Tinker and Fix Frank tool roll.
  2. And the gift of light – the Liggoo - a torch that once you have, you don’t quite know how you’ve ever lived without it. It’s got all the markings of a good gift – they won’t have one (yes, they’ll have other torches around the house and garage) but the Liggoo offers a huge amount of versatility with all the attachments it comes with - so it can be used in a variety of different ways. Which is why it’s a great gift, as it can be ‘played’ with on Christmas day – working out all the attachments!

And for the those who like to ‘mend’ or restore their tools – gardeners particularly – we recommend either our Secateur Maintenance kit, or Sneeboer’s tool maintenance kit as being the perfect gift.

Finally – whilst it’s not covered in Edd’s video, we do have a lot of customers who like to restore cars and motorbikes – because of stocking King Dick spanners – in Metric, Imperial and Whitworth.  As well as Carhartt – which is also popular with our restoring community.  So you could just head to our King Dick or Carhartt pages on the website and buy anything from there – if you have someone who likes to restore classic or old bikes or cars. They’d be happy with anything from there as a present for Christmas – trust us!

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