Our gift guide for Makers!

Tinker and Fix Christmas gifts for makers

Makers, Menders and Growers – that’s what we specialise in here at Tinker and Fix. So here’s our gift guide for Makers!  Firstly, if you haven’t already, go check out Edd’s video on Instagram – his dulcet tones are always far more interesting than my writing….

Makers are a pretty broad group of people and covers a whole stack of different ‘making’  activities – from woodwork to needlework, from making things in your garage or workshop, to making things to use in the garden. So the gifts you can buy, or they would like, are quite wide ranging too!

1. The Fedecca ‘make your own penknife’ kits are amazing gift ideas and they have been celebrated by many magazines as a perfect go-to gift for the outdoor lover, crafter, maker or mender in your life.   There are now three kits to chose from – the Folding Knife Kit  (£69.95), the Craft Knife Kit (£39.95) and the Kibori wood carving knife (£69.95)  All  enable you to build and customise your own Japanese penknife – even with the absence of your own forge.  You get everything you need to carve, whittle and personalise it. We reckon it could just be the perfect present for people who like to make things!


Carhartt Apron available at Tinker and Fix
2. Carhartt Aprons – are always a very welcome gift, because anything from Carhartt workwear usually is well regarded and known that it’ll be well used for many years. And aprons – who can every have too many? Not a true maker… We’ve got the original Carhartt brown and black. There’s also the same cut but in a denim fabric.  If you want more information about why we think Carhartt aprons are the best, most durable aprons to give as a present for the maker in your life – read our other blog (which may or may not go on about pockets for quite some time). https://tinkerandfix.co.uk/blogs/news/protection-pockets-pleasing-on-the-eye?_pos=8&_sid=051f6d4c0&_ss=r


3. Toyo toolboxes – again – a much wanted and much loved present for anyone who loves making things – we know sewers, jewellers and artists who use these fab metal toolboxes (as well as them being incredibly popular for people who use them in the workshop or garage).  If you want to do your research and know the difference between sizes, or makes (Toyo and Trusco) then have read here before you buy a Japanese toolbox for a Christmas gift. But you just can’t go wrong with a red tool box at Christmas can you? It’s a perfect present – either alone, or filled with some other tools and kit (perhaps have a look at our tool kits, sewing or garden kits for inspiration?

4. For sewers, the best Christmas gift would be a new pair of scissors. We rate Whiteley’s scissors –still made in Sheffield and brilliant quality. The main pair we’d recommend as a making a great gift idea for sewers are Whiteley’s Sidebent scissors (for cutting fabric). But if you fancy some other options, what about buying a pair of Whiteley’s snips (for snipping off threads) – this is a fantastic present for sewing fans, or a pair of Whiteley’s paper scissors (for cutting patterns) as this will stop them from blunting their fabric scissors!

5. It wouldn’t be a gift guide if Edd didn’t recommend a penknife. For penknife fans we’d suggest you read our guide to buying the right penknife as a gift Essentially you can’t go wrong with the classic Opinel No. 8 Penknife and Pouch set. It is a brilliant gift which is under £30 and will be loved.

6. Our Painted Axes also make great gifts – for anyone who is making on a larger scale (or spoon carving – not so large!) As Edd can paint these Hultafors axes to your preference, it makes them a great gift for Christmas!

7. And finally, which maker wouldn’t want a folding ruler? The original wooden folding ruler, is not only incredibly useful, but also just a thing of beauty and pleasure to use. Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a simple gift (but they don’t fit in homemade crackers – we tried that – to little success!)

If none of these present suggestions don't work for you - we have plenty of other gift ideas in our gift guides

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