Our top 6 gardening gift ideas

Good ideas for gardeners from Tinker and Fix

We reckon we’ve got the perfect selection of gift ideas for gardeners. As we have selected and stock what we think are the best gardening tools and kit, we can absolutely say that we are the perfect ‘one stop shop’ for your presents for gardeners – regardless of garden size, or if it’s for an allotment. With the sharpest and most highly regarded garden tools for cutting from Niwaki, to the highest quality garden tools from Sneeboer used by professional gardeners (including ‘as seen’ on Gardeners World in the hands of Monty Don and Adam Frost).

When we are at shows we always get asked for recommendations – what to buy for the gardener who ‘has everything’. Yes, they may have a stack of gardening tools and kit, but that doesn’t mean they won’t like a little quality gardening something at Christmas, which they will then be able to use all year round.

The best selection of gardening present ideas from Tinker and Fix

Here are our top 6 suggestions for presents for gardeners this Christmas… they are a variety of prices, so hopefully there’s something for everyone to pick. The key thing is that they are the highest quality, so they should all last for years, be enjoyable to use and make gardening a little bit more enjoyable or easy!

1. Sneeboer Potting Trowel 

Yes you can use a standard trowel when potting things on - but this is a really well designed piece of kit that just makes the jobs in the greenhouse or the garden patio a bit easier when repotting - it enables you to be more precise with the soil.  So we think this could be the perfect gift for gardeners as it really is incredibly unique, looks beautiful, it's unlikely to be owned already and creates a great conversation when given.  Which makes it a win-win-win we reckon!  Cleverly, it comes both left and right handed – so that you are funnelling the compost in the right direction. It also makes a cracking gift for the sneeboer fan - they may already have a lot of their gardening tools, so picking out something that is a bit different hopefully means it will be a new addition to their collection!

2. Opinel Garden Knife and string set
The No. 8 Opinel Garden Knife is one of my most used tools in the garden - it's always in the pocket of my carhartt dungarees.  It makes a great little gift for the gardener - but we've teamed it up with some string on a solid oak holder - because you can never have enough garden string - so receiving some is a definitely 'win'! 

3. Sneeboer Great Dixter Fork and/or Sneeboer Great Dixter spade
These are super tools, really versitle and will fast become a firm favourite in the garden. Yes, your gardening loved one will have big spades and forks, they will also have smaller hand trowels and forks, but these sit usefully inbetween and can be used for a variety of jobs. Meaning these Sneeboer garden tools make a versatile gift, as well as being of the highest quality for which Sneeboer are renowned. You can buy them separately and the will be loved by gardeners, or they make an ultimate pairing for a gardening gift that 'wows'. 

4. Niwaki flower scissors
These Japanese garden scissors from Niwaki have beautiful rounded handles so your whole hand comfortably fits in. It’s hard to describe how comfy these are – you need to try them for yourself – they work as brilliantly as they look beautiful. Which means they make a lovely gift - they look distinctive and interesting, but when tried and used they are loved even more! A perfect gift for gardeners who grow their own flowers or for those who enjoy flower arranging. 

5. Skatewood Hori Hori
A Hori Hori Japanese garden knife is a great gift for gardeners at Christmas (or birthday or anytime!) We have a variety of options available - so if you want to know which ones - have a read of a different blog here.  We have a skatewood version that we think would make a perfect present becuase each one is completely unique and beautiful. To find out a bit more about why and how we created these Skatewood Hori Hori's have a read here

6. Niwaki toolbox – perfect for storing seeds, easy to move around and looks great tool. Brilliant quality Japanese pressed steel, in Niwaki’s distinctively bright and fun yellow colour. (If you didn’t want this yellow colour toolbox, we do have other options from Toyo)

If you don't fancy these six present ideas for gardeners, we have plenty more you can look through - we have a general gift guide for those who love gardening and also a gift guide for the experienced gardener who may be difficult to buy presents for as they already have all the tools they need and the lifestyle gardener who is perhaps new to gardening.


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