Edd was once given a horse. So we're heading to Burghley...

Tinker and Fix are heading to BurghleyWe reckon we are probably level five horsey people. Giving us just enough credentials to be take Tinker and Fix to Burghley Horse Trials. We’ll be there with our full range of tools and kit - including Carhartt, Niwaki, Opinel, Sneeboer, Trusco and Toyo.

Not that we really need any credentials at all, as a lot of non horsey people head to Burghley to enjoy the brilliant atmosphere, to do a bit of rural life shopping, or just to eat, drink and generally socialise.

So, what is ‘level five horsey people’? Well, if Level 10 denotes the regular riders, owners and grooms that attend Burghley, and Level 1 is never having sat on a horse before, we’re solidly in the middle. We both grew up with some experience of horses, mine was through lessons and a best mate who had her own horse (the best kind of friend when you’re 11-13). Whilst Edd’s was a bit more ‘hands-on’ - as he had his own pony. Now how he got this pony is, frankly, just not normal (which kind of fits with Edd’s general persona). Whilst out blackberry picking, an old man approached the 8 year old Edd and asked him if he liked horses. When the answer was ‘yes’ (his dad had a horse at the time), the kind man actually offered him a pony (no really). A couple of days later and Edd was happily riding his newly show-named ‘black thunder’ Thelwell-style (aka short and rotund) pony around his garden. It could only happen in Rutland.

Regardless of our horsey level status, having lived in Rutland most of our lives, Burghley Horse Trials has always just been a regular part of our lives. We’ve been attending for years, before we met, and together - taking the dogs for a walk around the cross country course, whilst watching the riders tackle astonishingly difficult jumps.

So the event had always been on our list to take Tinker and Fix to. Mainly because we love being there and we hope Burghley attendees will enjoy seeing us there too. We’ll have the full range of tools and kit for makers, menders and growers. So if you are heading to Burghley come and find us - there will be our full collection of Skatewood tools to look at - including our Alex Pole Skatewood Axe, our Sneeboer Skatewood Trowel and Skatewood Hori-Hori.

We reckon there will be a fair few gardeners who go to Burghley, so we’ll have our full range of Sneeboer garden tools - including the Old Dutch Trowel (Monty Don’s favourite) and spades, forks and Sneeboer’s Great Dixter garden tools too. There will also be our Niwaki range on display- including secateurs, snips, loppers and Hori Hori garden knives.

For makers and menders, we’ll also be bringing our selection of Whiteley’s scissors, Carhartt clothing and King Dick tools.

And whilst we know it’s only September, we do know that people do like to do their Christmas shopping at Burghley - so we’ll have some cracking gift ideas tools - including the Fedecca ‘make your own knife’ kit, and filled Japanese pressed steel tool boxes full of the perfect selection of tools and kit.

So - come and say ‘hi’. And if you do buy something, feel free to name drop ‘black thunder’ - if you do, we’ll give you own of our Gardener’s or Carpenter’s pencils for free!

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