Don't get cross. But Christmas is coming.

We know it's early to think about Christmas, but at Tinker and Fix we've got perfect gifts for DIY, crafters, outdoorsy people and gardeners

Don't get cross. But Christmas is coming.

We know because we've already been in contact with magazines who are currently compiling their Christmas guides... scary, I know.

And people are already mentioning Christmas gifts to us. Given we don't start shopping for gifts ourselves until December, this is a complete misnomer to us, but believe us, some people are 'on' it already.

And whilst we personally prefer to put Christmas 'off' for a little while, to enjoy the end of summer (or the beginning - when will the good weather arrive?!) - professionally speaking we do need to think ahead and prepare for Christmas. 

We're already booked in for a number of great Christmas fairs and events - to see which ones, just click here

Of course we reckon (although we recognise we could be biased!) Tinker and Fix is the best go-to place for presents that are a bit more practical (but still beautiful none the less). We've got a great selection of gift ideas for people who like to make, mend and grow - from DIY enthusiasts to gardeners, sewers to car or motor bike restorers, or people who just like to tinker in their workshop or garage.  All carefully selected (Edd can't stand the word 'curated'!) - so we pick our 'best choice' from brands including:

And - importantly - if you were thinking about buying one of our one-off axes, hori-hori's or hammers  - then you may need to get in early (not a sales technique - just a reality of being a small business and stock levels!) Edd is busy painting the handles of axes, hammers and hori-hori garden knives in custom colours already. He's also working on hand made secateur holsters and sheaths for our Skatewood axes. And our limited edition Skatewood Hori-Hori garden knives and our Skatewood trowels are - well - to point out the obvious - limited in number - so please do think about buying them early to avoid disappointment. 

If you are looking for Christmas present inspiration - then take a look at some of our gift guides - we've lots of different ones for different types of people or for different price points. And if you are still stuck, then don't hesitate to drop us an email or get in touch via instagram and we can hopefully point you in the right direction of a top gift suggestion that will last and be loved.  We know it's early - but we're happy to help get you the right gift!

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