Back to Burghley!

We're excited to be heading back to Burghley Horse trials at the end of August. It was a blast last year - really busy, meeting lots of interesting people. 
It's a local event that we've been to (personally) for many years. We've always enjoyed walking the course, doing a bit of shopping and meeting up with friends.  Being on the 'other side' was fascinating last year - it was one of our busiest, most intense shows - there are so many people there and we didn't stop for four days. But it was great. Everyone who visited the stand seemed to like what we do (always nice for a bit of validation!) and whilst self selecting (those who aren't interested, of course, just walk on by!) - it's great to bring something practical to Burghley. 
So - we’ll be there with our full range of tools and kit  for makers, menders and growers - including
And do we have 'horsey' credentials - well - if being given a horse whilst out for a walk counts, then yes. Because of course this happened to Edd. Nothing unusual about an old man offering a horse to an 8 year old boy who is out blackberry picking.... two days later Edd was very happy riding ‘black thunder’ his new Thelwell-style (aka short and rotund) pony around the garden. It really could only happen in Rutland.
So if you are heading to Burghley come and find us and say ‘hi’ - we get ridiculously excited when we meet Tinker and Fix customers in real life (I know, we should get out more!) 

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