Watsons Hero gardening gloves – an eco friendly garden glove made from WasteNot yarn from recycled plastic bottles - available in the UK from Tinker and Fix for £6.99

Watson Gloves - Hero Gardening Glove

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Sometimes you want a light weight gardening glove - you don't want anything too heavy duty. (If you're looking for a  glove that can offer a bit more protection when digging or against working with prickly plants), check out our award-winning Workshop Glove instead).

I've found these Hero gardening gloves particularly useful as I now have to wear gloves for all work in the garden (there's something I'm coming into contact with that causes me to get a nasty reaction on my hands and I can't identify what it is).  Wearing gloves is the easiest answer and these comfortable lightweight gloves are a great all round gardening glove made from recycled water bottles.  What's not to like?

Eco-credentials: What really attracted us to these specific gloves is the fact they are made out of a yarn called WasteNot™.  This is a recycled polyester yarn made from recycled bottles (PET).  Each glove contains the equivalent of a 500ml PET bottle.  That just makes a lot of sense to us. 

  • Watsons are the first glove company to successfully bring recycled gloves to the market with their innovative WasteNot™ gloves. The WasteNot™ yarn is certified by the Global Recycled Standard, which validates recycled fibre content claims and composition. The process starts with the collection of recycled PET bottles. These are first ground into tiny chips, they are then melted and compressed into small pellets, before being spun into high-quality polyester WasteNot™ yarn.
  • According to Watson’s, these gloves will fully degrade in 5 years (in ‘moderate landfill conditions’). This is because the palms are made with eco-conscious biodegradable nitrile which is engineered with Reclaim™ technology. This is an additive which accelerates biodegradation when the gloves are in landfill conditions and ensures that the gloves don’t just break down into smaller pieces but are actually converted to biogas like other organic materials (creating a circular economy).
  • It’s also good to know that Watson’s say these gloves are ‘good’ for the environment because they have ‘Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification’ – which means the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances.

Wastenot process of turning plastic bottles to gloves - eco friendly gloves from Watsons - sold by Tinker and Fix

Fit: They're a seamless knit design which means they are a really close fit and the cuff doesn't slip down. They are really comfortable, trust us.

Function: The palm is a foam nitrile in a diamond pattern.  The grip levels are good in the wet and the palm stays completely flexible.

Sizing: There are two versions of this gardening glove - this is the women's version - called the 'karma', and the men's version is called the 'hero'.*  What makes it a men's version?  The sizing is slightly different with the fingers being slightly shorter in ratio to the palm.  Of course - if you have longer fingers or want to have a purple coloured pair, then check out the Karma version.

For sizing information we recommend you download and print the Watson size template here.  This allows you to physically measure your own hand to help get the sizing correct.

* Yes, we know these names, and the fact that the women's glove is in purple and the men's is in grey, is incredibly old school thinking. And no, we don't like it. But the gloves really are great - to use and for the environment - so their sustainability story really did win us over.