Thor Hammer #2 - Super Plastic
Thor Hammer #2 - Super Plastic

Thor Hammer #2 - Super Plastic

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Some jobs need a little more "persuasion" than others.

When the surface that needs a hit is easily damaged then a soft faced hammer is the way to go.

Thor have been making soft faced hammers in Birmingham since 1910.  I'd been aware of the brand but had never had the opportunity to try one out until I used one on a course the other weekend to fit an axe handle.

This is the #2 double faced Super Plastic model.  Super Plastic allows high impact strikes - yet remains durable and resistant to abrassion.

The face is 38mm and the hammers weighs 790g.  This allows high impact hits within a small surface area.

Ideal for fitting wooden handles or metal where you want to avoid damage to the surface.

Wooden handle.

The Super Plastic heads will eventually distort and wear but replacement faces are available.