Sneeboer Cape Cod Weeder

Sneeboer Cape Cod Weeder

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I'm always intrigued by tools that have developed in certain geographic locations.  That could be down to soil type, crops grown or local manufacturing processes.

This is a Cape Cod Weeder and was used by gardeners in the Cape Cod area of Massachusett, USA.  Designed to be used like a hoe to remove weeds it can also be used as a pick to aerate soil.  It's very useful where precision is needed to weed in a full garden border or bed.  Also great for weeding pots.

It's quiet similar in design to the Japanese weeding trowels, but is doesn't have a sharpened edge in the same way.

L- shaped with an overall length of 33cm.  The blade section is 8cm long and 2cm wide.

Hand forged by Sneeboer in the Netherlands, who have been making and developing garden tools since 1913.  Now in the hands of 5th generation family members, Sneeboer use stainless steel to craft the ultimate tools for gardeners.  Their tools are the anthesis of the cheap throw away culture.  Built to last a lifetime and to be maintain in order to continue to perform like new.

As this item is hand forged please expect to see some hammer marks and black coke marks on the surface.  These add to the unique character of each tool and do not affect the durability or quality of the tool in anyway.