Sneeboer Border Fork 4t
Sneeboer Border Fork 4t
Sneeboer Border Fork 4t

Sneeboer Border Fork 4t

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This is the smaller of the two full sized garden forks that we are stocking from Sneeboer.

Perfect for those looking for a smaller fork for more precision digging in borders, or for those looking for a slightly lighter tool.

Hand forged by Sneeboer in the Netherlands, who have been making and developing garden tools since 1913.  Now in the hands of 4th generation family members, Sneeboer use stainless steel to craft the ultimate tools for gardeners.  Their tools are the anthesis of the cheap trow away culture.  Built to last a lifetime and to be maintain in order to continue to perform like new.

The Ash handle is 112cm long.

This is a four tine fork - each 17cm long and with a total width of 16cm.

Total weight is 1.7Kg.


Why invest in Sneeboer garden tools?

Why invest in Sneeboer garden tools?

Quite simply, they are high quality hand forged gardening tools that'll last a lifetime. Read our blog to find out more...