Redecker Seedling Pricker

Redecker Seedling Pricker

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We've always just used a pencil for pricking out seedlings.  That's why we sell our own pencils for that very use, but we also know that not everybody likes using a pencil for the job.

Redecker are a German company that manufacture excellent brushes so when we spotted this seedling pricker in their latest catalogue it made sense to stock them as well.

Especially as one of its ends is flattened and more suited for getting in between older seedlings. The other end is pointed with marks at 2 and 3cm for planting depth. 

It's made from untreated Beech and is 19cm overall with a diameter of 1.4cm.

When it comes down to it, it is just a wooden seedling pricker - but it's really well made and feels comfy in the hand - so it does the job well and looks good too. 

You can either buy our Redecker Wooden Seedling Pricker by itself, or as part of our 'Wooden Planting Companion Set.'